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Butter is a Sally/Mahia Love and she came to our farm as a piglet. We are excited to see how she is growing and can't wait till she is of breeding age to start planning her future litters...

Butter - AKKPS #21418

Date of Birth: 11/13/20

Wattles: None

Color: Cream

COI: 11.2%

Breeder: Shelia Williams / Maple Family Farms

KuneKune Pigs

Dotted Edge Frame


AKKPS # 18359 Relic Sally - Taco

DAM:AKKPS # 18359 Relic Sally - Taco

AKKPS # 18365 Relic Mahia Love -  Pickles

SIRE:AKKPS # 18365 Relic Mahia Love -  Pickles

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