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Can Kune Kune's Live By Themselves ?

One of the most commonly asked questions that breeder’s get is if a pig will be ok by itself. While there are instances where a pig would be happy without the company of its own kind, they really need to be with at least one other pig. Kunekune pigs, and all pig breeds in general, are very social animals. They are much healthier and happier when they are able to socialize with their own kind. Whenever you see pigs out on a farm, they are always grouped together. They enjoy each other’s company; they like to snuggle up with each other, lay in mud wallows together, and have a partner or more to graze with. As with all herd animals, pigs feel safer in pairs or more. Often times when a pig lives alone they can start to exhibit undesirable issues such as aggression, depression, escaping, and other health problems. If you are just starting out with Kunekune pigs, please keep in mind that you will need to budget for multiple pigs. If you are interested in a breeding pair, once they get to the age that they will need to be separated, be prepared to get them each a buddy. Barrows make great companions for both boars and sows. An optimal start up set up would be to purchase two gilts or a gilt and a barrow to be together and then either two boars or a boar and a barrow to be together. While everyone’s situation is unique, these are just suggestions to provide your pigs with the best situation to live a healthy, happy life.

Courtesy of AKKPS FB Post

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