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Kereopa KuneKune Sow Lineage

The Kereopa sow line links all the way back to the original sows that were collected from possible extinction in 1978 by Michael Willis and John Simster. The original Kereopa sow, who was black with wattles, was acquired from Timi Kereopa in the Ruatahuna area of New Zealand. Willowbank Kereopa XIV was imported into the U.K. in 1992. Then in 2010, Barton Hill Kereopa 28 – Contessa was imported into the United States by Matt Burton and Christopher Rowley. Sadly, Contessa suffered a leg injury at the age of four and had to be euthanized. The Kereopa sow line is now well established in the United States and loved by many breeders. The first three photographs featured in this post are of Willowbank Kereopa XIV, courtesy of Zoe Lindop. The last two photographs are of Barton Hill Kereopa 28 – Contessa when she was young.

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