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PIG TERMINOLOGY & SPELLINGS Boar - Intact Male Gilt - Female Pig that has never had piglets Sow - Female Pig that has had a litter of piglets Barrow - Neutered Male In Pig - Pregnant Pig Farrowing - The act of Pigs having piglets Split Litter - More than one Sire to a litter Co-Farrowing - Two or More moms raising a litter of piglets together Line Breeding / In Breeding - Breeding animals that are closely related COI - a mathematical technique to determine how closely pigs are related In Heat - the 3 day time frame in a sow/gilts cycle where she is ovulating Standing Heat - the 24 hour time frame when a sow/gilt will stand for a boar to breed her Wattles - KuneKunes have 0,1 or 2 of these hanging under their chins Top Line - the top part of the pigs back Tail Set - the height of the tail Snout - nose

Courtesy of AKKPS on Face Book

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